Religion - b. Evangelicals/-Why? i. Content of religion?...

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The Theory Dilemma 1. Modernization Theory—secularism associated with economic development 2. Marxism—religion works against the poor: Marxism says that religion is the opiate of the people 1. Pre-colonialism—no Christianity; local religions 2. Spanish, Portuguese, & French colonialism; 3. 20 th 4. Catholic Church Responses to the Crisis a. Vatican II—modernize the Church b. CEBs/Liberation theology—address grass-roots concerns & empower people, including the poor c. Charismatics 5. Religious Challenges: secularism, as modernize theory predicted? a. Surge in Protestantism, “2 nd
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Unformatted text preview: b. Evangelicals/-Why? i. Content of religion? ii. Organization: sects—small groups more participation, more emotional appeal, more personal ties to religion leaders, personal recruitment c. Islamic fundamentalism & concern for the poor 6. Religious Transnationalism [Levitt] a. Colonialism n reverse? b. New immigrants/new religions—revising DC religions; Missionary work in AND from LDCs—“belonging” in religious groups across borders What to Conclude? 1. Is religion a modernizing force in society? Does it facilitate economic development 2. Is it a conservatizing force—contributing to support for the inegalitarian status quo? 3. Which theory?: modernization? Marxism? Or a need for revisionist thinking?...
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Religion - b. Evangelicals/-Why? i. Content of religion?...

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