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The End of Poverty

The End of Poverty - each hut’s roof*Tarp keeps children...

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The End of Poverty Malawi: Problems a. AIDS—nine hundred thousand infected with the HIV virus, and dying due to lack of aid b. Malaria *but no clinic, no aid c. No safe water source d. No crops in the fields e. Undernutrition Notes a. Nthandire: a Christian Malawian aid worker working for a local nongovernmental organization (NGO) b. NGO has almost no financing available and survives from meager contributions: its big effort is to provide a piece of plastic tarpaulin to put under the thatch of
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Unformatted text preview: each hut’s roof *Tarp keeps children from being completely exposed to the elements (when it rains, the roof will not leak) c. VP: Justin Malewezi is a dignified, popular figure despite the multiparty democracy Democracy is bound to be fragile in an impoverished country *impoverished country: incomes are around 50 cents per person per day ($180 per person a year) d. VP has lost his family to AIDS...
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