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Reflection Paper - Daniel Choi MGMT 3030-003 Reflection...

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Daniel Choi MGMT 3030-003 02/14/08 Reflection Paper In mid March of 2006, my college life took a major change with a letter from the university. It was a letter from the University of Colorado at Boulder Housing and Dining Services. I was selected to serve as a resident adviser for Kittredge West hall. Excited about introducing freshmen to the university and free room and board, I began my sophomore year. On April 16, 2007, the Virginia Tech massacre occurred. Our entire campus mourned and felt the impact thousands of miles away. Following this incident, one of the residents within my dormitory was caught with assault weapons, hand guns, and thousands of ammunition. He was immediately taken into custody and panic struck Kittredge West. I knew the resident and met him a month ago. He was a genuine and kind hearted guy who never meant any harm. Seeing his picture on the Colorado Daily and seen as a terrorist was shocking. This kid was eighteen and was already thrown into jail. As a fellow student, it is difficult to believe that this event has occurred and that this could happen to any of us.
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  • Spring '07
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Virginia Tech massacre, Boulder, Colorado, Kittredge West hall, Kittredge West

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