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OEP+2_Word+Exercise - 12 Insert a funny picture(be creative...

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Office Enablement Program SM121 Fall 2010 Session # 2: Word Home Exercise 1. Change the font of the entire text to Times New Roman, Size 12. 2. Highlight fact # 1 in yellow. 3. Change the bullet style from 1, 2, 3… to A, B, C… 4. Change the line spacing of the text to double space. 5. Center the heading. 6. Bold fact F. 7. Underline fact H. 8. Add a cover page of your choice to the document. Insert the title “If Not for My TA I Wouldn’t Know the Following…” 9. Insert a 2*2 table after the last fact. 10. Write in the bottom two cells the letter number of two of your favorite interesting facts. 11. Merge the two upper cells, and write in the cell “Facts I liked”
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Insert a funny picture (be creative) after the table. 13. Insert a header that will indicate your full name and section C/D. 14. Insert page numbers on the bottom right corner. 15. Adjust the margins of the document to be 1X1. 16. Add a footnote at the end of fact I that states: “ SMG, we’re all about the $$$ “ 17. Add a hyperlink to SMGtools. 18. Save your document as Word_LastName_FirstName_SectionC/D# 19.Send the document to our section Gmail account ( sectionb#@gmail.com ) with the heading Word_LastName_FirstName_SectionC/D...
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