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Presentation Skills Rubric Delivery Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Fails to Meet Standards Attire Professional – business casual or formal, as appropriate. Inappropriate or distracting. Eye Contact Maintains eye contact continuously – scans entire audience. Has no need to look at slides except to confirm alignment or synchronization. Maintains eye contact with audience most of the time. Checks slides or notes occasionally. Reads most or all of report, making little or no eye contact with audience. Relies heavily on note cards or slides. Body language (also use of hands, gestures, animation) Conveys confidence and enthusiasm. Gestures are appropriate and add value/emphasis to message. Body language is appropriate. Gestures do not detract from message, offer some support. Conveys nervousness/lack of confidence, fidgeting, rigidity. Gestures detract from message. Positioning/movemen t Effortlessly uses positioning and changes it to engage audience and direct attention. Appears comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Movement engages audience or directs attention to data. Disconnected from audience and material. Rigidly planted; crossed ankles; rocking; rapid pacing. Projection/modu lation Uses variation in pitch and volume to maintain audience attention and to emphasize points. Is loud enough for all in audience to hear. Some variation in pitch and volume. Too quiet to be heard by many in audience or excessively loud. Monotonic, no variation in
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Presentation+Skills+Rubric - P resentation Skills Rubric...

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