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Management as a System Syllabus – Fall 2010 Introduction SM121, as the first course in the management curriculum, will introduce students to both content areas essential for students of management as well as an introduction to the teaching approaches used in SMG. In the fall semester of the course, we will introduce fundamental ideas and tools of accounting as well as explore equity markets and information, ethics, business forms and organization, and teamwork. Teamwork is conducted through a semester-long project assigned in the first two weeks of the course. Finally the fall semester course begins the long process of helping students to think vocationally about the future. In all, the course is introductory but not superficial. You will encounter the material studied in both the fall and spring semesters of the course in subsequent SMG courses, and the expectation is that students retain the knowledge learned Management as a System. Indeed, the SMG curriculum is vertical – each course builds on learning done in previous courses. The faculty of the course endeavor to provide the means by which students learn, but the learning remains up to the students. You are not here to get an education; you are here to take one. Grades It is possible, although unlikely, that every student in the course receive a grade in the A range. In the past about 25% of the students have completed graded assignments well enough to have earned a final grade in the A range. Fewer than 20% of the students in SM121 will choose to earn a grade at or below C+. In our experience grades are about two things: willingness and ability. Willingness to do the work will take students a long way, but in the end ability will determine whether the final grade is in the A range. The table below provides a listing of graded elements in SM121 and the weighting on each element. Item Weight (Percentage of Final Grade) Contribution to Class Learning and Section Quizzes Γ 18% Office Proficiency Test Ψ 10% Portfolio Tracking Project Θ 10% Writing Workshop Assignments and Writing Exercises 12% Exam 1 5% Exam 2 15% Exam 3 (aka The Final) 30% Γ Each instructor will inform the class as to how the 18% will be distributed. Ψ Each student is placed on an Office Proficiency Team (“OPT”). At the end of the semester an examination, based primarily in Excel, is to be administered to assess the extent to which individual students have learned the Office capabilities introduced in Friday labs. Each individual’s score on the exam will result from a weighted average of 75% of the individual’s score plus 25% of the individual’s OPT scores. Θ See the Portfolio Tracking Assignment document for the allocation of points to assignment elements.
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Syllabus+2010 - Management as a System Syllabus Fall 2010...

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