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Portfolio Tracking Project SM 121 Fall 2010 Introduction The Portfolio Tracking Project is your first team project in SM121. The primary intent is to provide a venue for students to have their first team experience, to learn about undertaking research on companies, to learn about stock markets and publicly traded companies, and to undertake business presentations. Detailed Objectives of the Project The main objectives of this project are to begin developing a variety of content (technical knowledge and skills) and process (the means by which issues are uncovered and resolved) areas. Content How share prices change over time. How to identify and evaluate changes in the environment (including significant actions / announcements by one competitor which affects the others) that may push some stock prices up or down more than the stock prices of other competitors. How investing in six or seven companies is different from investing in a single company. Process How to work together as a team on a long-running, important project with multiple due dates for different kinds of deliverables. How to improve your ability to plan and deliver a formal presentation as a team, and how to conduct a successful Question & Answer (Q&A) session. How to use publicly-available information resources and SMG’s extensive library facilities to learn about an industry and a set of competitors within it. Project Deliverables There are three main deliverables to the project, two individual components and a team presentation: 1. What’s My Company is an individual two-slide presentation scheduled for October 18 th or 20 th . 2. Financial Analysis Workbook Assignment is a set of individual assignments detailed in Appendix 2. 3. Portfolio Tracking Summary is a team presentation describing the findings of the team on the firms and portfolio under study. Project Timeline and Components: A. September 13 th and 15 th : Companies assigned to teams SM 121 Fall 2010 Portfolio Tracking Project Page 1
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B. September 20 th : Student teams assign companies to individuals C. September 24: First draft of team contract D. October 1: Team Contract submission E. October 18 th or 20 th : What’s Your Company? F. Various dates: Financial Analysis Workbook pages G. December 6 th or 8 th : Portfolio Performance Presentation H. December 9 th at noon – 15 th at noon: Peer Evaluation Details on Components A. Portfolio industry and companies assigned to teams Your section professor will assign a different set of companies to each team. The companies are all members of the S&P 500 (an important stock index group that is representative of the broader equity market). The companies are selected randomly from that collection. Students are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by the set of companies they are
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PTP+2010 - Portfolio Tracking Project SM 121 Fall 2010...

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