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Starting “Lump of Stuff” Questions Consider a manufacturing process that makes “Lumps of Stuff”. The making of Stuff requires a three step process; Tossing, Washing and Flossing. Raw materials enter the process as a giant lump weighing exactly 100 pounds. Tossing takes 2 minutes per lump, washing takes 1.5 minutes per lump and flossing takes 2 minute per lump. Each work station is staffed by one trained technician. During the Tossing task, on average 5 pounds of stuff breaks off the lump and must be discarded. During the Washing task, on average 2 pounds of stuff is lost down the drain. During Flossing, the most dangerous task, on average 8 pounds of stuff is scraped off and is lost. 1) From the data above, the throughput time for producing a finished “Lump of Stuff” is: A) 4 minutes or less B) Between 4 minutes and 5 minutes C) 5 minutes or more Throughput time is the sum of the processing times plus the sum of the queue times – no data is provided on queue times therefore it is simply 2+1.5+2 2) From the data above, the cycle time per lump for the process is: A) Less than 1 minute B) 1 minute C) Between 1 minute and 2 minutes D) 2 minutes The cycle time of the process is equal to the cycle time of the bottleneck in this case both tossing and flossing have the same cycle time so those two stations are both bottlenecks. 3) From the data above, the scrap-rate associated with the Tossing task is: A) 5% The scrap rate or yield loss is 5 pounds from the original 100 pounds B) 10% C) 15% D) Greater than 15% 4) From the data above, the yield of the entire process for producing a finished “Lump of Stuff” is: A) Less than 81% B) Between 81% and 84% C) Between 84% and 87% The overall yield is 85 pounds of stuff from the original 100 pound lump D) Between 87% and 90% E) Greater than 90% End “Lump of Stuff” Questions 5) A small income tax service operated by Wilson and Wu processes simple tax forms. On average, either of the two tax preparers can complete a customer’s tax return in 1.5 hours. Assuming Wilson and Wu’s preparers work 18 hours per day, how many returns can be processed per day? A) 6 returns per day B) 12 returns per day C) 18 returns per day
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D) 24 returns per day Either can process a return in 1½ hours therefore cycle time is ¾ hours and capacity is 4/3 returns per hour. In 18 hours 24 returns. E) less than 6 or more than 24 returns per day Begin Amanda and Kate’s Cobbler Shop Questions Amanda and Kate’s Cobbler Shop (shoe repair) is open eight hours per day five days per week. The shop repairs both men and women’s shoes. The most common repair at the shop, 55% of all repairs, is replacing soles on men’s shoes. The other 45% are equally divided among replacing men’s heels, replacing or repairing women’s heels, and repairing straps on women’s shoes. Replacing the sole on a shoe takes about 30 minutes and customers are charged $35.
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Exam+2+Practice+2+_answers_ - Starting Lump of Stuff...

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