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Section F2 Argumentative Essay William Byun Draft #3 (Final Draft) Oct. 22 nd /10 Would You Give Me Some Evidence, Please? Hypothesis means no proof is given. In “Drugs: Case for Legalizing Marijuana,” Gore Vidal insists that the use of marijuana should be legalized. There are many issues pertaining to Marijuana. Yet, Vidal gives no tangible evidence; I take Vidal’s ideas as hypotheses. Meanwhile, his ideas are rather frivolous and dogmatic. I wish that I could hear more from Vidal with proofs. Vidal’s statements are not supported by facts. He believes that his reasons are correct, but these specific reasons cannot be proven. For example, Vidal states that a conscious person has a low probability of being a drug addict, if he or she “knows in advance what addiction is going to be like” (p. 252. Line 30-31). In fact, people know they will become forgetful when they smoke, and they are still smoking marijuana. You know that too much drinking makes you out of control, but you still drink because you feel on top of the world. Like drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana is also an attractive medium. Also, Vidal believes his statements to be true, but he is merely hypothesizing his views. Here is another example of oversimplification that Vidal states: “forbidding people from things they like or think they might enjoy only makes them want those things all the more” (p. 253. Line 5-7). Vidal is not a psychiatrist, but merely a disturbed American. If he did cite the authority of the idea, I would consider his thoughts true. However, as I see no supporting ideas towards this statement, I suppose that he is simply assuming his hypothesis
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Argumentative essay - Section F2 Argumentative Essay...

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