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Unformatted text preview: Section F2 Comparison and Contrast Essay William Byun Draft #1 Nov. 5/10 Constitution is which (we) Americans are based on. Constitution was to protect human rights. And America was constructed under the great value of freedom. However, people have often opposed constitutional justice to perform unjust and tyrannical acts on innocent people. Both Martin Luther King and Andrew Sullivanon a different note/with different approaches, thoughblame (governmental) brutality, in order to enforce liberty, in Letter from Birmingham Jail and The Abolition of Torture, respectively. Both authors dig up their issues and bring up freedom to expel unjust laws of their spoiled government/authority. Yet, King reproves of segregation and corrupted Caucasian church, under the name of a Christian. Meanwhile, Sullivan chastises (the abuse of) the use of torture as a concerned citizen/philosopher/discipliner. King bemoans the black and white society. Equality is gone, and the Caucasians only take care of those who share the same skin color. They maltreat the African-Americans 1 only because they have different skin color. King also criticizes the Caucasian church which turned away from African-Americans, instead of supporting them. Caucasian church pretends to follow desegregation, it does not either acknowledges or welcomes African-Americans as its brothers....
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Compare & Contrast Essay_Dr.1 - Section F2...

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