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Compare & Contrast Essay_Dr.2 - Constitution...

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Constitution maintains the fundamentals of the United States. Constitution is on the bottom line to protect human rights. Founded under Constitution, America is to guard people’s civil rights. However, people have often opposed constitutional justice to perform unjust and tyrannical acts on innocent people. Fortunately yet, each moment of oppression, heroes come up and raise their voices for human rights. For instance, Martin Luther King and Andrew Sullivan shared their thoughts with the public through the use of writing. Both King and Sullivan—on a different note/with different approaches, though—blame (governmental) brutality, in order to enforce liberty, in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “The Abolition of Torture,” respectively. Both authors dig up their issues and bring up freedom to expel unjust laws of their spoiled government/authority. Yet, King, under the name of a Christian, reproves of segregation and corrupted Caucasian church. Meanwhile, Sullivan chastises (the abuse of) the use of torture as a concerned citizen/philosopher/discipliner. What both authors insist is that the government passes unjust laws and makes people to follow the laws. They also agree on an idea that unjust laws are immoral. King defines an unjust law as a law that weakens one’s persona, and Sullivan pronounces that government passes a law to execute immoral deeds. Besides, King denounces the government that has unleashed dogs to bite into arms of the “unarmed” African-Americans in a “nonviolent” protest, and called
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Compare & Contrast Essay_Dr.2 - Constitution...

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