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1 2 3 4 5 Section F2 Comparison and Contrast Essay William Byun Final Draft Nov. 15/10 This is AMERICA William Byun Constitution maintains the fundamentals of the United States. Constitution serves as the bottom line to protect human rights. Founded under the Constitution, America is to guard people’s civil rights. However, people have often opposed constitutional justice to perform unjust and tyrannical acts on innocent people. Fortunately yet, for each moment of oppression, visionaries come up and raise their voices for human rights. For instance, Martin Luther King and Andrew Sullivan shared their thoughts with the public through the use of writing. Both King and Sullivan—with different approaches, though—blame government brutality, in order to enforce liberty, in “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “The Abolition of Torture,” respectively. Despite the fact that the supporting ideas and rhetorical techniques are different, their writings have a recurring theme. King deals with segregation and church, while Sullivan concentrates on torture; however, both writers end up arguing the deprivation of human liberty under governmental rule. King brings up segregation and the corruption of Caucasian churches as his supporting ideas. King bemoans the black and white society. Equality is gone, and the Caucasians only take care of those who share the same skin color. They maltreat the African-Americans 1 only because they have different skin color. Back in King’s days, the government divided public places into parts. For example, there were two entrances in a movie theater: “white” and “colored.” It was a rule 1 In the letter, King refers to “colored,” but the colored were mostly African-Americans, so I call colored as African-American in this essay.
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Section F2 Comparison and Contrast Essay William Byun Final Draft Nov. 15/10 that everyone had to follow. King asserts that the segregation law neglects civil rights. In summary, he states that “[i]njustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (p. 2. line 55-56. King)—that is, injustice is too prevailing to go against. If an African-American chose to open a “white” door, he or she would be challenging government. King also criticizes the Caucasian church which turned away from African-Americans, instead of supporting them. Caucasian churches pretended to follow desegregation, but it has not either acknowledged or welcomed
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Compare & Contrast Essay_Dr.3 - Section F2...

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