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Synthesis Essay_Final Dr - Correlation between Abuse and...

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Correlation between Abuse and Torture By William Byun “Dad! Dad! DAAAADDDDDDDDDD!” Imagine this is your life. Everyday your so- called father tells you are pathetic because you do not act as he wants you to, and sometimes beats you up. He castigates you, and even mocks you—sometimes, takes your money and never gives it back. Well, Jack Wolff actually had such a life decades ago. In “This Boy’s Life,” the main character of this autobiography Tobias “Jack” Wolff faces various problems, and one of these problems Jack suffers from is abuse. Essentially, it is more likely that all the problems are based on abuse. If an example had to be given, it would be that Jack’s family got separated twice because of abuse, mostly due to a physical one. Abuse takes away people’s rights to be “happy.” Throughout the book, Jack manifests that Andrew Sullivan’s ideas are correct, which are addressed in “Abolition of Torture,” in that abuse and torture take away one’s freedom. Jack’s case in abuse reacts as a catalyst to Sullivan’s idea as Jack’s life is ruined by abuse. One of Andrew Sullivan’s ideas in his article is that torture is “polar opposite of freedom” that rips off human rights, using authority (p.1. line 26. Sullivan). Torture renders a frail person lose his or her control to defend his/herself, and eventually enslaved. Humans have the rights to defend themselves, but if they lose the rights, then they simultaneously have lost their freedom then. Meanwhile, torture Sullivan referring to is usually persecuted by those who have complete authority over the tortured. For example, as used in Sullivan’s article as well, when CIA agents torture a prisoner via waterboarding, the prisoner is completely compelled to face a massive waterfall, “bound to an inclined board, feet raised and head slightly below the
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Synthesis Essay_Final Dr - Correlation between Abuse and...

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