Using Supporting Evidence

Using Supporting Evidence - Using Supporting Evidence 1....

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Using Supporting Evidence 1. All academic writing uses some form of evidence 2. Evidence counts as the main premises of your argument 3. Primary Vs. Secondary sources a. Primary: info from direct source (i.e. original documents, photographs, interviews, and so forth) b. Scholarly essay analyzing others’ work 4. Using evidence a. Quotation, summary, paraphrase b. Introduce evidence and explain what it means i. How it relates to your argument ii. Turns a piece of info into evidence for an argument 5. Revising techniques a. Reverse outline—briefly summarize each paragraph with one sentence b. Play skeptic—ask your friend/yourself and question every assumption Conclusions 1. Last word on the subject make them memorable 2. Summarize your thoughts briefly 3. Demonstrates importance 4. Make new connections 5. Go beyond what you’ve already argued a. Consider the broader implications b. Elaborate the significance of your argument 6. Strategies
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a. “so what?” answer b. Return to the theme/thesis in the introduction c. Synthesize, don’t summarize; show your reader how the points you made and the support and examples you used fit together. Pull it all together. d. Provocative question e. Propose a solution f. Point to a broader implication MLA (Modern Language Association) Print Publications Books Important Elements: Author (last name, first name) Title (in italics) Edition (if other than 1st)
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Using Supporting Evidence - Using Supporting Evidence 1....

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