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EET 3150 Network Analysis & Design Course Description: This course will cover the topics in electric network analysis and design. Techniques of electric circuit theory are studied and applied in network analysis and design, operational amplifiers and related circuits, including the applications of PSpice and Matlab software packages. Analysis of circuits with dependent sources, basic waveforms, RL, RC and RLC circuit transients and sinusoidal response, network functions, and frequency response and power analysis. Course Instructor: Caisheng Wang, ETB 1150, Phone: 313-577-8074 E-mail: [email protected] , or [email protected] Credit Hours: 4 Credit Hours (Lct: 3; Lab: 2). Prerequisite(s): PHYS 2140 and EET 2000 Electrical Principles. Co-requisite(s): ET 3450 – Applied Calculus and Differential Equations. Textbook(s) Required: Electric Circuits, 8 th Edition James W. Nilsson and Susan A. Riedel, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007 (ISBN: 0-13- 1989251). Computer Programs: PSpice and MATLAB Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: 1. Analyze electric network using basic circuit laws, network theorems, and common-used methods, such as node voltage and mesh current methods. [SO.a, b, d, E1] 2. Describe the properties of ideal operational amplifier and storage energy elements and apply them to analyze related circuits. [SO.a, b, d] 3. Analyze and model first-order and second-order electric circuits using differential equations. [SO.E3]
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4. Use computer software (PSpice and Matlab) for circuit simulation and analysis. [SO.a] 5. Apply Laplace Transform to solve circuit programs and to obtain transfer function of a circuit network. [SO.E3] 6. Apply phasors in steady-state AC circuit analysis. [SO.E1, E3] 7. Exhibit responsibility and work effectively as a team in a laboratory
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eet%203150 - EET 3150 Network Analysis Design Course...

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