sap3D - SE 103 Conceptual Design University of California,...

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1 SE 103 Conceptual Design University of California, San Diego SAP 2000 (version 14) 3D Tutorial 3D Bridge Tutorial Overview Upon completion of this tutorial, students should be comfortable creating a 3-D model in SAP2000. This includes creating Boundary Conditions, Assigning loads, performing an accurate analysis and examining the results. This tutorial will not walk you through step by step on how to perform each task, but will outline and give suggestions on the best way to go about creating your model. Before beginning this tutorial, please watch the first tutorial located at the following web address . This tutorial goes through several techniques that will be very helpful in creating and viewing your model. Grid When creating a new model, select grid only. The only difference in the setup of the grid from the 2-D tutorial is that in the y-direction there needs to be at least two grid lines (depending on your design). The grid lines in the z direction should be at least two as well. In the x-direction the number of grid lines will depend on your design. In the z and y directions more grid lines may be wanted to aid later in loading or in more creative designs. Those grid lines can be added later manually using a right click or the mouse, edit grid data if needed. Defining Section Properties Section properties will need to be defined for your truss as discussed in the 2-D tutorial. You may only need one section if the cross sections of all the members are the same.
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sap3D - SE 103 Conceptual Design University of California,...

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