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ISE 225 Engineering Statistics I Homework #2 Fall Semester 2010 Due: Wednesday, September 8 Complete the following exercises from Hines, Montgomery, Goldsman, and Borror: 10-2 Let 1 2 7 , , , X X X K denote a random sample from a populaion having a mean μ and a variance σ 2 . Consider the following estimators of μ : 1 2 7 1 ˆ 7 X X X θ + + + = L 1 6 4 2 2 ˆ 2 X X X - + = Is either estimator unbiased?
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Unformatted text preview: Which estimator is better? In what sense is it better? 10-7 Show the intermediate steps of the derivation. Note: the Poisson distribution function is on pg. 120 Find the maximum likelihood estimator of the parameter c of the Poisson distribution, based on a sample of size n ....
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