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UTILITIES : Charlie, Im so very sorry I am so late. I was playing tournament for Golf in Colorado, and I have another tournament coming up. I was trying to find more about the utility. I have found this good deal for electricity in that area where our appartnemnt is. This is what I found. https://myaccount.txu.com/irj/portal/anonymous/residtlviewplans?action=6 I called the customer services and ask for information. They said, for 882 squere feet apartment, with zip code of the apartment we found, would give us rate with 1000 kwh per month with charge of 11.08 cents per kwh, which is
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Unformatted text preview: 110.8 dollars per month for ELECTROCITY. For water http://www.arlingtontx.gov/water/customerservice_billing_rates.html According to arlingtontx. Water services, I have put together monthly bill that we would pay. For 10 000 gallons of water each month we would pay 30.17 dollars. SEWER : according to same webside monthly payment for sewer, which would be 5000 gallons, we would pay 23.75 dollars. I hope this will help. I am so very sorry I am getting involved so late. If there is any more work for me to do please LET ME KNOW. Kind regards Katerina...
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