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Unformatted text preview: amp; C are Invalid Commands www.ExamMagic.com 1Z0-147 WWW.ExamMagi c.COM - 27: Which four triggering events can cause a trigger to fire? (Choose four) A. A specific error or any errors occurs. B. A database is shut down or started up. C. A specific user or any user logs on or off. D. A user executes a CREATE or an ALTER table statement. E. A user executes a SELECT statement with an ORDER BY clause. F. A user executes a JOIN statement that uses four or more tables. Answer: A,B,C,D Explanation: Correct Answers A, B & C: These are system events. Triggering events that cause system triggers to fire are Server Errors, Users Logging on or off the database, Database startup or shutdown, D: Database Triggers fire on DDL Statements including a CREATE, ALTER or DROP of a Table WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 28: Examine this procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE ADD_PLAYER (V_ID IN NUMBER, V_LAST_NAME VARCHAR2) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO PLAYER (ID,LAST_NAME) VALUES (V_ID, V_LAST_NAME); COMMIT; END; This procedure must invoke the APD_BAT_STAT procedure and pass a parameter. Which statement, when added to the above procedure will successfully invoke the UPD_BAT_STAT procedure? A. EXECUTE UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); B. UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); C. RUN UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); D. START UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); Answer: B www.ExamMagic.com 1Z0-147 Explanation: Correct Answers Answer B When invoking a Procedure from within another procedure you omit the EXECUTE. You call the Procedure by specifying the Procedure Name and the argument list and a semi-colon Incorrect Answers: A. You omit the EXECUTE when calling a procedure from within a procedure. C. RUN is not valid for invoking a procedure D. Is invalid for invoking a procedure WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 29: Which statement about triggers is true? A. You use an application trigger to fire when a DELETE statement occurs. B. You use a database trigger to fire when an INSERT statement occurs. C. You use a system event trigger to fire when an UPDATE statement occurs. D. You use INSTEAD OF trigger to fire when a SELECT statement occurs. Answer: B Explanation: Answer: B Database trigger - Fires when a particular event occurs in the database. The events that fire a database trigger are Data events and System events. Data events consist of DML statements (INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE) and DDL statements, such as CREATE or DROP. System Events Comprised of actions that are performed either at the schema level or database level. Incorrect Answers: A. An Application trigger fires when a particular event occurs in the application. Application triggers aredeveloped using Oracle client-side tools, such as Oracle Forms Developer. C. The events that cause triggers created on system events to fire are: DDL statement on an object,Users logging on or off the database, Database shutdown or startup & Server errors. D. You can create an INSTEAD OF trigger on a view and use the trigger to perform DML on a view that is inherently non-updatable. WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 30: www.ExamMagic.com 1Z0-147 You want to create a PL/SQL block of code that calculates discounts on customer orders. -This code will be invoked from several places, but only within the program unit ORDERTOTAL. What is the most appropriate location to store the code that calculates the discounts? A. A stored procedure on the server. B. A block of code in a PL/SQL library. C. A standalone procedure on the client machine. D. A block of code in the body of the program unit ORDERTOTAL. E. A local subprogram defined within the program unit ORDERTOTAL. Answer: E WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 31: Which type of argument passes a value from a procedure to the calling environment? A. VARCHAR2 B. BOOLEAN C. OUT D. IN Answer: C Explanation: Parameters that are defined with an OUT mode the parameter will pass their value from the procedure back to the calling environment. Incorrect Answers: A. This is a DataType not a parameter B. This is a DataType not a parameter D. When a parameter is defined with an IN mode, the parameter will only accept input from the calling environment. WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 32: You create a DML trigger. For the timing information, which is valid with a DML trigger? A. DURING B. INSTEAD www.ExamMagic.com 1Z0-147 C. ON SHUTDOWN D. BEFORE E. ON STATEMENT EXECUTION Answer: D Explanation: BEFORE, AFTER and INSTEAD are valid Trigger Timing Events Incorrect Answers: A, C & E are not a valid Trigger Timing event B. INSTEAD OF, NOT INSTEAD is a valid DML Trigger Timing Event for a view WWW.ExamMagic.COM - 33: You are about to change the arguments of the CALC_TEAM_AVG function. Which dictionary view can you query to determine the names of the procedures and functions that invoke the CALC_TEAM_AVG function? A. USER_PROC_DEPENDS B. USER_DEPENDENCIES C. USER_REFERENCES D. USER_SOURCE Answer: B Explanation: The data dictionary view USER_DEPENDENCIES displays information about all direct dependencies within your schema. Incorrect Answers: A & C are not valid dictionary views D. USER_SOURCE: Provides the name and the source code fo...
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