ct - set null "" set numformat...

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set appinfo OFF set appinfo "SQL*Plus" set arraysize 15 set autocommit OFF set autoprint OFF set autorecovery OFF set autotrace OFF set blockterminator "." set cmdsep OFF set colsep " " set compatibility NATIVE set concat "." set copycommit 0 set copytypecheck ON set describe DEPTH 1 LINENUM OFF INDENT ON set markup HTML OFF SPOOL OFF ENTMAP ON PRE OFF set echo OFF set editfile "afiedt.buf" set embedded OFF set escape OFF set feedback 6 set flagger OFF set flush ON set heading ON set headsep "|" set linesize 80 set logsource "" set long 80 set longchunksize 80 set newpage 1
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Unformatted text preview: set null "" set numformat "" set numwidth 10 set pagesize 14 set pause OFF set recsep WRAP set recsepchar " " set serveroutput OFF set shiftinout invisible set showmode OFF set sqlblanklines OFF set sqlcase MIXED set sqlcontinue "> " set sqlnumber ON set sqlpluscompatibility 8.1.7 set sqlprefix "#" set sqlprompt "SQL> " set sqlterminator ";" set suffix "sql" set tab ON set termout ON set time OFF set timing OFF set trimout ON set trimspool OFF set underline "-" set verify ON set wrap ON select * from emp /...
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ct - set null "" set numformat...

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