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/A/- d 9 MODELLING DIRECTIONAL SOLIDIFICATION NAG8-541 Second and Third Semi-annual Progress Reports 1 March 1986 to 28 February 1987 CLARKSON UNIVERSITY Potsdam, New York 13676 Principal Investigator: Dr. William R. Wilcox Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering Director, Center for Advanced Materials Processing Director, Center for the Development of Commercial Crystal Growth in Space 315-268-2336 (messages 268-6650, 265-7022) Graduate Student Research Assistants: Mr. Greg Neugebauer, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering ML. Ross Gray, Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering Mr. Mohsen Banan, Ph.D. Candidate in Materials Processing {NASA-Ch-180119) BODELLING CIBECTIONAL N 7-16 SCLIDIFICATXCN Sraianaual €xcqress aeport, 1 Har, 1986 - 2E Feb, 1487 [Clarkson Cofl. cf Techncloqy) 10 F CSCL 22A Unclas G3/29 43365
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Objective This grant is a continuation of Contract NAS8-34891. The overall objective of this program is to develop an improved understanding of phenomena of importance to directional solidification, to enable explanation and prediction of differences in behavior between solidification on Earth and in space. Currently emphasis is on determining the influence of convection and freezing rate fluctuations on compositional homogeneity and crystalline perfection. Progress This is a combined second and third semi-annual report, i.e. an annual report. Below is a summary of progress made this last year. Details follow. Significant personnel changes have occurred since the first semi-annual report one year ago. Lorraine Ruggiano resigned shortly after the last report was written to take employment in industry. In June a new student, Ross Gray, was recruited to replace her. Greg Neugebauer successfully defended his M.S. thesis on April 18, 1986 and passed his Ph.D. qualifying examination on August 15, 1986. The research proposition for his Ph.D. qualifying exam is included here as Appendix F. In January of this year a new Ph.D. student, Mohsen Banan, joined us after completing his M.S. in physics under Professor La1 at the A & M University of Alabama. The following four papers were published this last year and are included here as Appendices A through D. 1. H. Potts and W.R. Wilcox, "Chaotic Asymmetric Convection in the Bridgman - Stockbarger Technique," J. Crystal Growth - 74, 443 (1986). (Appendix A.) 2. R. Sen and W.R. Wilcox, "Behavior of a Non-wetting Melt in Free Fall: Experimental," J. Crystal Growth 74, 591 (1986). (Appendix B. 1 3. R. Sen and W.R. Wilcox, "Behavior of a Non-wetting Melt in Free Fall: Theoretical, J. Crystal Growth 78, 129 (1986). (Appendix C. 1 4. R. Sen and W.R. Wilcox, "Twinning of Dodecanedicarboxylic Acid," J. Crystal Growth 75, 323 (1986). (Appendix D.) From Greg Neugebauerls M.S. thesis the following paper was written and submitted for publication to the Journal of Crystal Growth. It is included here as Appendix E. G.T.
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19870006735_1987006735 - /A/- d9 MODELLING DIRECTIONAL...

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