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1. ATA, ATA-2, ATA-3, ATA/ATAPI-4 2. Parallel and Serial 3. 40 conductor and 80 conductor IDE cables. 4. SATA 5. 6. Because SATA uses a thinner cable, thus it is less restrictive to airflow in the case than an IDE cable. 7. 6 8. 10.08 MB 9. Normal, Large, Auto WRONG: CHS, ECHS, LBA (Large mode) 10. Auto WRONG: LBA (Which is the current standard) 11. ATA/ATAPI-6 12. By allowing multiple data transfers each time the software requests data. It can generally be disabled in CMOS. 13. Master = Hard Drive, Slave = CD-ROM 14. ATA/ATAPI-4, ATA/ATAPI-5, ATA/ATAPI-6 15. DMA 16. Because one drive has been designated as master by setting jumpers or DIP switches. 17. 4. 18. Use a universal bay kit adapter. 19. The Pin 1 side will have a colored stripe along the length of the cable. 20. (1) Let the BIOS see the drive as a smaller drive (2) Upgrade the BIOS (3)
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Unformatted text preview: Replace the motherboard (4) Use software that interfaces between the older BIOS and the newer drive (5) Use an ATA controller card to provide the ATA connector and firmware to substitute for motherboard BIOS 21. serial ATA 22. Berg 23. 34 24. The interface to the drive (OS & System BIOS) could not address more than 137 GB. 25. So that a regular Molex power connector may be used instead of the preferred SATA power connector. 26. The Host Adapter 27. Because autodetection in BIOS will automatically find the hard drive and assign the most compatible settings for its configuration. 28. eSATA 29. 12 30. You can read the motherboard documentation or check the CMOS setup....
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