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blog full text - Blogs Opportunities and Challenges in...

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Blogs’ Opportunities and Challenges in Business As we all know, in today’s business world, competitions among industries and companies are so fierce that they motivate every company to take advantage of everything it can reach to compete with others and win the game. Meanwhile, as science and technology develops so quickly nowadays, some new internet tools and media have flourished in recent years, one of which is blog that is popular on the internet, especially among young people. According to the book “Blog Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, and Legal Issues”, “An astonishing 80,000 new blogs appear daily”(Flynn, 2006, p.60). In addition, as reported on Crain’s Chicago Business ( Need to know, 2007), the estimated number of blogs in existence on November 12 th , 2007 is 70 millions. It can be clearly seen that blogs have certainly captured the attention of millions of people across the globe, thus, business cannot ignore them and should make full use of their influences on public. Blogs, as a new fashionable internet tool, can help companies build trusting relationship with both employees and customers efficiently and effectively, which is so important to succeed in the business world, although there are some challenges and potential weaknesses when using blogs as a strategy in the fierce competitions. According to the paper “Blogs and Business” written by Wood, Behling and Haugen (2006), “the term blog is derived for Web Log, an online diary where individuals post thoughts and ideas, daily events, and their personal knowledge about specific topics”(p.1). Because blogs have some appealing features, such as comments, linking and trackback, bloggers, that is, these people who use blogs, can share their opinions about everything with each other, develop and refine new ideas conveniently and comfortably (Wood, Behling & Haugen, 2006). As a result, in recent years, blogs have been rising and inspired by its brand-new presentation on the Internet and the
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population of bloggers keeps growing rapidly. Undoubtedly, blogs have already become a conspicuous new star after other network media, such as BBS and electronic newspaper. As reported in the article completed by Wang (n.d.), who works in College of Economics and Center for Studies of Modern Business Zhejiang Gongshang University in China, at the beginning, blogs were introduced as a mixture of personal journals, opinions posts and research links. Then, as they develop, business blogs appear, which are used to promote products and services, publish companies’ news or events and provide customers with the technical support, communication channels to share knowledge and sound contacts with companies. Therefore, it is valuable to use blogs as part of business strategies to connect both
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blog full text - Blogs Opportunities and Challenges in...

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