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Application Assignment outline - i Feedback and advice ii...

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Application Assignment: Adolescent Interview Project Outline I. Introduction a. Adolescence what a hell of a time… II. Physical Development a. Puberty b. Physical development c. Satisfaction d. Biological foundations found in chapter two III. Cognitive development a. Education i. Favorite subject ii. Group projects b. ADHD c. Attention d. Imaginary audience e. Piaget’s Cognitive development (66-72) f. Egocentrisms g. Abstract and complex thinking h. Lev Vygotsky i. Chapter 3 j. Cognitive tasks… k. Social cognition…then maybe lead into social development IV. Psychological Development a. The self chapter six b. Self esteem 167 c. Self conceptions 165 d. Identity 176 V. Social Development a. Social cognition b. Media influences
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c. Moving away from family d. Peer relationships most important
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Unformatted text preview: i. Feedback and advice ii. Intimacy iii. Encouragement iv. Chapter eight = friends and peers VI. Moral and Religious development a. Moral development scenario b. Religion c. Participation increasing or decreasing i. Increasing due to early adolescence and wants the social aspect of the religious meetings, but most likely as he continues to m id adolescence his participation will most likely decrease. VII. CONCLUSION a. Andrew was a wonderful participant who proved to me that adolescents do go through approximately the same major ideas just at different times and in some different ways....
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Application Assignment outline - i Feedback and advice ii...

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