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PSY 214- Adolescent Psychology Application Assignment—Popular media forms There are basically 4 parts to this assignment: 1. Find out what TV shows, music groups, video games or Web sites are generally popular among younger adolescents. In your report, be sure to include information about how you were able to determine that whatever you chose to report on is, in fact, popular with a large number of 10-15 year olds. Kids in this age group are likely to report that “everyone” watches a particular show, or listens to a particular kind of music. Let me know who your sources are! 2. Experience for yourself at least 3 samples of whatever media form you’ve chosen to write about, i.e., 3 TV show episodes or 3 recordings by a particular person or group. Take notes while you’re doing this in order to complete the next step. In your report, describe exactly what you did. 3. Analyze the samples you experience for the messages/values they contain about one or more of the following: sex, love, violence, drugs, drinking, school, teachers, parents,
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Application_Assigment_sheets - PSY 214- Adolescent...

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