syllabus Biopsych Fall 2008 AM

syllabus Biopsych Fall 2008 AM - 1PSYCHOLOGY 0505-1030...

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1 PSYCHOLOGY 0505-1030 (10994) FALL 2008 INTRODUCTION TO BIOPSYCHOLOGY Days of the Week: Tuesday and Thursday Time & Place: 9:30-10:45 AM, 324 Cathedral of Learning Textbook: Garrett, Bob; Brain and Behavior: An Introduction to Biopsychology (2 nd Edition) Instructor: Eric Donny Ph. D., 4119 Sennott Square, 412-624-7618, Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00-3:30; Thursdays 3:00-4:30; By appointment TA: Christine Ashton Palmer Walther, 4118 Sennott Sq, 412-624-8795, Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 12:30-2:00; By Appointment OVERVIEW Biological Psychology is a field of study that examines the biological basis of behavior, cognition, mood, and other complex constructs. It is a huge field. Our goal is to provide you with an introduction to this field for students. There is a WEB SITE to accompany this course. You can find it on Blackboard at the following URL: At this website, you can find the syllabus, lecture notes, instructor contact information and other useful information. The predominant teaching format for this course will be lecture. Despite this format, I hope you will become involved in class -- asking questions, discussing topics, etc. .. To facilitate this, an abbreviated version of my lecture slides will be made available to you on the course web page. I will make every effort to make these slides available at least 24 hours prior to class. This is done to encourage class discussion - so that you do not have to frantically take down notes during class, but can instead add to the slides provided if you choose to print them. However, please note that viewing the on-line slides IS NOT an adequate substitute for attending class. I post an abbreviated version because I have found that student learn better if they are encouraged to take some notes. Therefore, the posted slides will not provide all of the information delivered in class. You are responsible for all of the information presented in class. Furthermore, although many lecture topics are covered in your text, there will be many details covered in class that are not in the book, and others in the book that will not be discussed in class. You cannot adequately master the subject matter of this course or achieve its objectives by just reading the book or just coming to class. It is expected that you will do both. OBJECTIVES
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This note was uploaded on 01/05/2011 for the course PSY 10994 taught by Professor Ericdonny during the Spring '08 term at Pittsburgh.

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syllabus Biopsych Fall 2008 AM - 1PSYCHOLOGY 0505-1030...

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