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Chapter 2 Notes This chapter contains very straightforward (even graphic!) information about the physical changes associated with puberty. It probably brings back many memories for you about a period of time that most people would not want to re- visit. At the end of the chapter there is a short, but critical, section on the very old controversy about nature vs. nurture. Since the study of psychology is all about the understanding of why people behave the way they do, a critical element has always been to understand the causes of behavior, and that leads right into an examination of biological and environmental factors that impact our actions, beliefs, thoughts, talents, weaknesses, personality, and lots of other things, including, from this chapter, timing of puberty and our physical appearance. Biological factors are those things that are wired into our genetic and chromosomal makeup. They include things like inherited traits, dispositions, and elements of brain structure (for example, male and female brains differ in some ways) and body chemistry (hormones, for example). For some people, they also
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PSY_214_Chapter_2_Notes - Chapter 2 Notes This chapter...

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