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IELM 202, Assignment #4 Comment Q. 1 In general, most students demonstrated to find the maximum flow by augmentation. Q 2. Most students could give correct answer. In part a), some students forgot to provide the capacity of the arcs in the network. In part b), some students demonstrated to set up super source to link with the oil source nodes and to set up super sink to link with distribution center nodes. However, they forgot to set infinite capacity for the arcs. Q 3. A number of students set up correct network for the project scheduling. A few students did not think the relationship clearly and give wrong answer. They demonstrated their difficulties for the project network formulation. They did not know how to draw a network to represent an activity needed more than one
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Unformatted text preview: completed activities. If you want to demonstrate that Activity C needs Activities A and B, and Activity D needs Activity B only, you should draw the project network in the following way: Correct Incorrect Most of students knew how to find out the critical path. However, they forgot to find out the earliest time and latest time for each activity . The allowed process time for an activity without delay is calculated by the following formulae: Processing Time + Slack Time = Allowed Processing Time 1 6 3 2 5 A B C D 1 6 3 2 5 4 A B C D Q 4. Most students could provide correct project network and could apply the formula provided in lecture note to find out the mean and variance for each activity. They demonstrated to find out a correct mean critical path....
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IELM_assignment_4_comment - completed activities. If you...

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