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IELM 202, Assignment #5 Comment Q. 1 In general, most students had some careless mistakes. They forgot to set up positive integer constraint. The solution may be fractional. Some students forgot to set up the customer handling constraint. The set up cost may be paid when the number of product produced, x is zero. The constraint is: x <= My, where y is the setup indicator and M is the production limit. Some students forgot to set up production type set up constraint. Only two of three types can be selected for production. Q 2. Most students could give correct answer for part a), b) and d).
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Unformatted text preview: For part c), some student set up non-linear constraint and some students set up constraint that B or C can be selected when A is available. Q 3. A number of students could provide correct answer. Some students set up a set of constraint like: x 1 – x 2 <= -3 + M(1 – y) When the constraint was set to be x 1 – x 2 = -3, the actual result could be less than -3. The constraint could not be set. Q 4. Most students demonstrated branch and bound method to solve integer programming problem....
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