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Sammi Han Homework Assignment 5 (Lesson 2-B) Utilization (pp. 64 - 5) : What do you way under the following circumstances? Create natural conversational sequences. Make sure you provide an appropriate reply or preceding stimulus. Make sure to read the note for Core Conversation #1 (page 58, lines 5 - 8) and, from now on, use the style of exchange whenever you see fit. 8) Nan desu ka? Dore desu ka? 9) Ikura desita ka?
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Unformatted text preview: Yonsen-en desita. 12) Nan desu ka? Dore desu ka? Sore desu. Aa, kore desu ka? Tegami desu. 14) Eewa-ziten desu ka? Are desu ka? Iie, waee desu. 15) Dare desu ka? Wakarimasen. 16) Sanzen-en desu ka? Iie, sanbyaku desu yo. 17) Hassen desita. Hassen desita ka? Takai desu nee. 18) Gakusee desu ka? Hai, gakusee desu. 19) Kimasu ka? Watasi desu ka? Iie, kimasen yo. 20) Soo desu ka? Ee, soo desu yo....
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