BabyloniansandpresocraticsSept.13 - Sept. 13 O r igins:...

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Sept. 13 Origins: Babylonians and Presocratics (lecture notes) Paradigm shift- a radical change of one mode of operation to another, suddenly your perspective changes Copernicus brought about a paradigm shift from earth being center to earth being one planet revolving around the sun The way people talk about nature is dependent on their social background C.P. Snow was a chemist and playwright- wrote the two cultures Scientists don’t know what’s going on in popular culture and visa versa The vast amount of changes that have happened in western civilization Where does science come from? Where did humans come from? Development of humans coincided with the development of tools Tools and science went hand-in-hand 7 millions years ago humans spread across the planet o plowing o transportation o warfare o control of fire Neolithic revolution- less nomadic more stable Lascaux- new stone-age cave paintings (17000 years ago) o Religious and magic o General symbols representing horses in general o Move toward generalization Urban revolution- much larger conglomerations of people coming together o Egypt o Mesopotamia o Indus valley
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BabyloniansandpresocraticsSept.13 - Sept. 13 O r igins:...

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