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Sept. 29 New Worlds 1. Geographies/Worldviews/spaces of knowledge Crusades/reconquista Spread of the Black Death o Confirmed idea of the apocalypse o Constant exchange of dialogue made it possible for scientific ideas to spread o Ideas reach Spain- translation fro Arabic to Latin o When black death ends there is hope, what Bible predicted didn’t happen o Wealth changes hands o General optimistic outlook Renaissance Man- interested in the entire range of human experience o Vitruvian man- architect of Rome o Interested in medicine, mathematics, architecture 2. Exploration Ottoman Empire- Islamic Control eastern half of the Mediterranean Crusades spread goods Italians get extremely rich because they control access to the East Marco Polo o Traveled throughout Asia and reported back the technologies that people did not believe Kublai Khan o Met marco polo Toledo School of Translation Alfonsine Tables- show movement of planets to figure out where you are
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Sept29OttomanEmpire - Sept 29 New Worlds 1...

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