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Sept. 20 Hellenistic Science and the Rise of Rome School of Athens- Plato and Aristotle in the center (gestures of their hands Plato pointing up because he’s interested in the heavens, the demiurge, Aristotle pointing down interested in the corporeal world) Aristotle- five elements, numerical nature of earth, orbits Alexandria and the “Greeky” Philosophers Alexander of Macedonia- conquered the known ancient world Swept Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Indus Valley Greek cultural forms flooded into Egypt and India This is called the hellenistic age (like Greece) Library of Alexandria- most famous building (institution developed from Academy- Plato and Lyceum- Aristotle) Permanent institutional learning Contained many papyrus scrolls- preserving ancient knowledge Golden era lasted almost a millennium Geometers, Astronomers, Engineers (Euclid, Aristarchus, Eratosthenes, Ptolemy, Archimedes, Heron) Hellenistic Science o Euclid: Elements (geometry) Brought information from Babylonia, Egypt Wrote about a book about the elements with which the world was created Definitions, Postulates, Axioms- rules that govern geometry, out of these come propositions or necessary proofs o Aristarchus: heliocentric theory Not sun moving around us, but us moving around the sun o Eratosthenes: geography 3 rd librarian of Alexandria
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Sept20Hellenisticscienceandrome - Sept. 20 Hellenistic...

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