Oct20Enlightenment - o Newton was almost a godlike hero o...

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Oct. 20 Institutions of Enlightenment New emphasis on observation Experience as experiment Royal Society 1660 Newton: Principia, 1687 The Experimental Method o Documentation of experiments o On this day concretely o Setting aside cosmological debates, just observe facts o There had been brutal battles over religion o People don’t want to cause discussion that led to that bloodshed o Accelerator for science as we know about it now o Who can we trust to speak the study of nature? o Science is democratic process, but it had very strong conventional rules about who could talk about it, very high social scale o Virtual witnessing- in publications its like you were actually there o Experiments can be replicated Scientific Norms o Communalism o Universalism o Disinterested humility o Originality o Skepticism Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy o Natural Philosophy not physics o Explain the whole of the cosmos o Bodies on earth and organisms Salons discussing Newton Funeral of Newton was a public event
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Unformatted text preview: o Newton was almost a godlike hero o Recognized as a scientific leader Clocklike universe (orrery) Court of Versailles o Centralize power under a single monarch o Change in degree of weapon power o Descartes worked on battle fields Continued interest in exploration and expansion Louis XIV (The Sun King) o Academie des Sciences, founded 1666 o Controlled by the King o Christiaan Huygens Director of the Academy of Sciences o Bernard Fontenelle Secretary French Academy of Sciences o Louis XV o Peter the Great Goes around Europe picking up experts, building ships, you need to build an academy o Catherine the Great o Frederick the Great Starts an academy based more on France than England Cultivates free thought Brings voltaire to his court Plays the flute o Enlightenment Descartes (Paris academy) Leibniz (berlin) Newton (Royal Society) o...
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Oct20Enlightenment - o Newton was almost a godlike hero o...

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