Oct18Newton - Oct. 18 M idte rm- On Monday Similar to Quiz...

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Oct. 18 Midterm- On Monday Similar to Quiz Short essays third of a page to half of a page where you synthesize systems of thought, identify thinkers and movements The Royal Society and the Last of the Magicians 1. The Invisible College Gresham College, London o Medicine, geometry, astronomy o John Wallis Civil wars made it difficult to study in universities Civil war left thousands dead in Englan, Scotland, and Ireland Charles I killed Oxford University o Bishop John Wilkins (1614-1672) Heliocentric model of the planetary system The Restoration o Charles II o Scholars returning to Cambridge and London o Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge (founded in 1660) o Had King’s approval as a society o Thomas Sprat- A History of the Royal Society Experimenting o Robert Hooke- interested in improving the knowledge of natural things by experiment, “not meddling with trivium” o Robert Boyle (1627) Aristocrat
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Tours Europe for yrs with tutor Interested in this problem of what happened to a container when you pumped air out of it “New Experiments Physico Mechanico” interested in having other people see what he was doing Other experimenters across Europe could mimic Boyle’s experiments Boyle wanted his works to be published
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Oct18Newton - Oct. 18 M idte rm- On Monday Similar to Quiz...

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