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HSOC Paper Assignment Notes

HSOC Paper Assignment Notes - References to the figures are...

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Comparing Hooke’s Micrographia with GFP or HIV Woman’s signature- owner signed 1665 Inside cover “By the Council of the Royal Society of London for Improving of Natural Knowledge” Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses with observations and inquiries thereupon Large, thick book Printed by To. Martyn and To Alleftry MDCLXV-1665 Dedications “to the king”- the epistle dedicatory up top “To the Royal Society” “The Preface” Page number upper-righthand corner No parenthetical citations or quotes Pg. 28A figures of microscopes- hand drawn- folded to fit within the book no descriptions underneath figure “Observ. I. Of the Point of a Sharp Needle”
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Unformatted text preview: References to the figures are in the margins (i.e. Schem. 2 Fig. 1) For microscope images they’re drawn within circles References to figures within text Lot of letters within figures for references within text Mathematical proportions of objects No specific goals in the research just to observe what can be observed not going back to past ideas, modern research has specific goals usually Writes the number magnification of microscope images Elaboration on many objects “FINIS” at the end “The Table”- notes on observation, table of contents at the end Paper, leather cover Engraving for copying of hand drawn pictures No index or table of contents...
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