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Chapter 1- Introduction to Food Science

Chapter 1- Introduction to Food Science - NTR 307 Chapter 1...

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NTR 307 Chapter 1- Food Science 8/27/10 Modern Food o Think of a supermarket… where we can find frozen, canned, preserved, etc. foods o Born in the 20 th century- the modern food market could not exist without food science & technology o The food science & technology field has grown quickly & continues to grow Much debate on the positives & negatives of industrialized foods “Green Revolution”- the spread of industrial agricultural techniques (chemical fertilizers/pesticides) needed to provide food fo a growing population The reliance on processed foods with many additives is jeopardizing health Food Marketing o The chain of activities that brings food from “farm gate to plate” Marketing of even 1 food product can be complicated involving many producers & companies o Example: 56 companies are involved in making one can of chicken noodle soup These businesses include not only chicken & vegetable processors but also the companies that transport the ingredients & those who print labels & manufacture cans The food marketing system is the largest direct & indirect non-government employer in the US Food Scientists/Technologists o Food scientists work in every aspect of product development The backbone of industrial/modern food o
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