Chapter 27- Soda

Chapter 27- Soda - fructose o Syrup ~ 90% fructose (mixed...

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NTR 307- Chapter 27: Carbonated Beverages Carbonated Beverage o Soft Drink Health Concerns Increases obesity (empty calories) Increases in size (6.5 oz 12 oz or larger) HFCS, low pH (tooth enamel), high sugar Sugared Sodas (90% H2O, 10% sweetner) HFCS (corn corn syrup (glucose))- 1957 o Enzymes- change glucose
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Unformatted text preview: fructose o Syrup ~ 90% fructose (mixed to make weaker) o >40% of caloric sweeteners o Hepatic metabolism of fructose favors de novo lipogenesis • Diet Soft Drink (aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, Acesulfame-K) o Water content ~98%, Sugar- 0 Changes mouthfeel (bulking agents are added) 1...
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