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Chapter 11- Cheese - Soft light fuzzy mold white pasturized...

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NTR 307 Chapter 11- Cheese 10/25-27/10 Video Questions o Cheese soaks in bryne solution which contains salt (flavor and preservative) o Curd is treated cut, heat & stretch (knit), mixed, pressed o Tofu Uses MgCl coagulant Uses soybean Textures: Firm (stir fry), Extra Firm =rubbery, soft (deserts) Under cook = mushy and flavorless o Break up cheeses by rinds (appearance) Hard cheeses- thick rinds, dryer, salted (parmesan) Semi hard- brown orange/gray, smooth melting texture
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Unformatted text preview: Soft- light fuzzy mold, white, pasturized Vain- stuff growing in it, molded, creamy all the way to hard, strong smell Fresh- spreadable, under 2 weeks old o Serve cheese at room temp o Lactose is broken down in aged cheeses by bacteria o Ultra pasteurization is used typically in US (faster, quicker), but changes the flavor (reduce nutrients, deactivates enzymes) o Variety comes from the varying milk that comes o Sheep milk is used more often 1...
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