Chapter 24- Pastries & Pies

Chapter 24- Pastries & Pies - milled more finely...

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10/15/10 Video Questions o What is the most important step in cake baking? Creaming because the sugar cuts the butter which allows space for leavening (leavened by CO2 from baking powder) Mix for 4 minutes o Crumb structure: Air pockets were smaller and more uniform = optimal distribution o Recommends metric weighting of ingredients o Why cake flour? Less protein, chlorinated (more acidic = easier for water to mix),
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Unformatted text preview: milled more finely (better mixing/texture), more starch o Baking it make sure you have even heat distribution Space around the pan from the oven o Add shortening and flour, but not butter (has water, prevents bottom from browning) o Dont use dark pans (absorb too much heat, cook outside too quickly, inside not cooked) o Too shiney pan (pale cake, and wont brown) 1...
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