Choclate - ◦ Cocoa Powder ▪ Chocolate liquor w/o cocoa...

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Chocolate derived from cacao tree Step 1: get chocolate liquor from cocoa beans picked, fermented, dried, ground under heat, processed Beans removed from pods and placed in bins to ferment for 5 days shell hardens, bean darkens, cocoa flavor develops Beans roasted (too short=bland, too long=burnt) Winnow: shells removed to extract nib Nibs are ground which releases and melds cocoa butter producing chocolate liquor Preparation Conching- warmed chocolate kneaded and aerated increases smoothness, viscosity, and flavor Temperating heat and cool chocolate to specific temp resistant to melting and resulting in hard finish Untempered Bloom = gray surface on hardened chocolate Enrobe Coats food w/ melted chocolate Seizing creamy melted chocolate-->grainy mass that will not melt 1 tbs liquid to 2 oz chocolate to prevent Types Baking (unsweetened) chocolate liquor cooled and solidified
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ Cocoa Powder ▪ Chocolate liquor w/o cocoa butter ▪ Dutch cocoa (treated with alkali) ▪ 1tbsp butter+3tbs cocoa powder=1oz baking chocolate ◦ Semisweet ▪ granualted sugar, extra cocoa, 15% choc liquor ◦ Milk Chocolate ▪ Lighter, sweeter. 10% liquor, 40-50% granulated sugar ◦ Dark Chocolate ▪ darker = most concentrated cocoa = heart healthy ◦ White Chocolate ▪ sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids ▪ technically not chocolate (doesn't contain cocoa) ◦ Couventure ▪ High quality- extra cocoa butter (30-40%) ▪ Melts smoothly and is glossy (dipping, coating, molding) ◦ Compound ▪ Imitation chocolate- cheaper • made from combo of cocoa, veg fat, sweeteners • uses cheaper oils- coconut & palm kernel • Theobromine ◦ bitter alkaloid in cacao plant ◦ weaker then caffeine ◦ myocardial stimulant, vasodilator, aphrodisiac...
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Choclate - ◦ Cocoa Powder ▪ Chocolate liquor w/o cocoa...

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