Fish & Shellfish - FishandShellfish Stillhunted

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Fish and Shellfish Still hunted 250 harvested commercially Classification Vertebrate or invertebrate Vertebrate Finfish Obtain oxygen from water Sea mammals Obtain oxygen from above water Whales, seals, dolphins Fin fish (Vertebrate) Best quality from deep cold waters Salt water, great lakes, inland rivers Kinds Anadormous- born fresh water, swim to sea, freshwater to spawn (salmon) Ground- bottom dwellers (catfish, flounders) Pelagic- live closer to surface (tuna, mackerel) Shellfish (Invertebrate) Mollusks- soft unsegmented body usually in shell (oysters, clams) Crustaceans- covered by exoskeleton (lobster, crab) High in iodine, sweet b/c glycogen, high cholesterol, low fat Saltwater- More distinct flavor (halibut, tuna, salmon) Freshwater (catfish, trout)
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Fish & Shellfish - FishandShellfish Stillhunted

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