Frozen Deserts - FrozenDessert:Preparation...

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Frozen Dessert: Preparation Factors affecting quality flavor- cold mutes flavor texture- smooth (small ice crystals) higher nuclei count (emulsifiers) Formation of numerous small nuclei Method- electric ice cream machine Aging- 3-4 hrs 40oF Philadelphia: Cream, sugar, flavor New York: Cream, eggs, sugar, flavor, cooked Commercial: pasteurized and homogenized Manufacturing Air causes overrun Stabilizers- vegetable gum attracts water = smoother Emulsifiers- bind water to fat in cream Types Ice Cream minimum 10% milk fat by weight % of fat differentiate, low fat, premium, etc. Low fat<7% milk fat, premium14% milk fat, super premium16-18% Reduced fat- 25% less fat Light- 50% less fat or 33% fewer calories Low Fat- less then 3 g fat/serving
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Frozen Deserts - FrozenDessert:Preparation...

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