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Legumes - • Preparation ◦ 3 soaks overnight short none...

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Plants Roots, Bulbs, Stems, Leaves, Seeds (beans, lentils, peas), Flowers Beans first cultivated crops Legumes grow as seeds within a pod Legumes (soluble/insoluble fiber, protein, iron, folic acid, carbs) ½  cup cooked beans = 1 oz meat Beans contain plant protease inhibitors Neutralize cancer causing free radicals Nutrition (Kidney beans most fiber) Vegetable protein Legumes low in AA Methionine Grains low in AA Lysine Protein Combining Lentils +wheat/rice (India) Soybeans+Rice (Indochina) Peas/beans+Wheat (middle east/south America)
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Unformatted text preview: • Preparation ◦ 3 soaks: overnight, short, none ◦ Overnight: requires long slow cooking ◦ Short: 2 mins full boil/1 hr soak ◦ No soak: 2X the cooking time and water (OK for lentils) ◦ Best prepared by simmering, not boiling • Other ◦ Soaking water contains oligosaccharides (raffinose/starchyose) ◦ No digestive enzyme to digest them (digested by bacteria LI) ▪ Causes gas byproduct ▪ Mold alpha-galactosidase = helps • Soybean- highest protein content ◦ TVP, soymilk, tofu...
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