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Poultry - ▪ Preparation • Thaw in fridge(1 day for 3.5...

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Poultry Classified by age & gender Chicken Broilers/Fryers:3-5 lbs/<10 weeks Roasters: 6-8lbs/<12 weeks Capons: 12-14 lbs/<4 months Castrate males at 3 weeks Hen/Fowl(baking/stew): >10 months Mature: meat is tougher, skin coarser Turkey Most common: broad breasted white (7 lbs) Hen: female 14 lbs/14.5 weeks Tom: male 26 lbs/17.5 weeks Poultry Composition similar to meat Muscle, connective, adipose tissues Skin- diet affects skin color Pigments- myoglobin determines color  Inspection (wholesome poultry products act 1968) Poultry shipped across state lines must be inspected USDA inspection before & after slaughter Plants follow HACCP plan Grading (Voluntary)(Paid by Producer) A,B,C Criteria- conformation, fleshing, flat, blemishes Purchasing Ready-to-cook:  ½  lbs + serving amount Exception: ducks (more fat to melt off=less yield)
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Unformatted text preview: ▪ Preparation • Thaw in fridge (1 day for 3.5 lb chicken, 1-5 days turkey) • Stuffing preped & cooked separate(165 min internal temp) ▪ Doneness (internal temp 165 degrees)(color golden brown) • Touch: firm flesh- white meat firmer drumstick- moves easily • 1.5 hrs @ 350 for 3.5 lb chicken ▪ Dry Heat Prep • Frying (sauté- small, quick; pan fry- breaded/floured; deep fry- breaded/fat) • Broiling, grilling • Roasting/Baking (325-350)- Baste every 20 mins ▪ Moist Heat Prep (older, tougher bird) • Braising- slow, moist heating tenderizes. Add liquid and simmer • Stewing- covered cold salted water, boiled, simmer • Poaching- cook in 1.33 cup water, boil, simmer ▪ Storage (avoid campylobacter & salmonella) • Fridge- 3 days • Freezer- 6 to 12 months (leftovers 4 months)...
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Poultry - ▪ Preparation • Thaw in fridge(1 day for 3.5...

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