Veggies - Tomatoes,squash,cucumbers,avacados...

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Fruits masquerading as veggies Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, avacados Shoot System (above ground)- elevates above soil Photosynthesis, reproduction, dispersal, food/water conduction Root System (underground)- anchors Absorb/conduct water/nutrients, food storage Classified by part used Root- carrot, beet Bulb- onion, garlic Stem- celery, asparagus Leaf- spinach, lettuce Seed- bean, corn, pea Flower- broccoli, cauliflower Structure  Cell wall (fibrous compounds = strength = indigestible) Fibers Lignin- hardens and strengthens cell (binds to cellulose) Parenchyma cells (plants metabolic function)(starch, color, water, flavor) Plastids- store starch and pigments Chromoplast (carotene pigments, orange/yellow color)
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Veggies - Tomatoes,squash,cucumbers,avacados...

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