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syll101fa08sec41picsb - INDV 101 Section 41 Structure of...

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INDV 101 Section 41: Structure of Mind & Behavior Fall Semester 2008 Instructor : Julie Feldman, Ph.D. Office : Psychology Building 444 Phone : 626-9682 Office Hours : Thursdays before class (10:00-12:00) or by appointment Email : [email protected] D2L course web site : http://d2l.arizona.edu Graduate Teaching Assistants : TA picture Office Loca tion & Offic e Hou rs TA grading pap ers wit h last na mes : Email Focella, Elizabeth Psych 111 Wednesdays 11:30-1:30 A-Co [email protected] Hohman, Zachary Psych 135 Mondays 1:30-3:30 Cr-Hi [email protected] Rossi, Filippo Psych 129 Mondays 9:30-11:30 Ho-M [email protected] David Yokum Psych 121 Thursdays 1:55-3:55 N-Ti [email protected] ADDITIONAL GRADER for To-Z : SEAN IRVING (email: [email protected]) Messages : Written messages can be placed in our mailboxes on the third floor of the psychology building (room 312) or via Email. Lectures : Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30-1:45, Social Sciences 100
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Course Overview : I have four goals for this course. First, by the time you have completed this class, I want you to understand what psychology truly is, including all of the different areas that psychologists study. Although some of you may have a sense of what psychology is all about, many people think that all psychologists do is "help people" either through therapy or counseling. While it is true that therapy and counseling are part of psychology, they represent just the tip of the iceberg. Different types of psychologists study many different things, and my guess is that you will be surprised at some of the topics that fall under the heading of "psychology." Second, I want you to understand that psychology is a research science , and to realize that research psychologists test their assumptions using the scientific method (i.e., generating predictions, collecting data, and then seeing if the data supports or refutes the hypothesis). I hope to dispel some of the myths you might have about human behavior and to understand why psychology is more than "common sense." Third, although this class will be fast-paced, I do want it to be fun, enjoyable, and thought-provoking and I want us to have interesting conversations. Above all, I hope to get you to think about what you’re reading and learning. Finally, I hope that you will find some part of this course relevant to your own lives. Although I can't promise that you'll gain any great insights, you will hopefully be armed with more knowledge about psychology than when you started. Class will cover the high points of the chapters, and will provide information beyond the content of the text. I will not go over all of the chapter contents. You will be responsible on tests for things covered in the text even if they are not mentioned in class. So please do the reading. I recognize the fact that you all have lives outside of this class, and have geared the assignments to what I hope is a reasonable, if slightly challenging level. If for some reason you have a problem, please come and talk to me. I am
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syll101fa08sec41picsb - INDV 101 Section 41 Structure of...

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