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University of Cape Town Course Code: MCB201S Physiological Biochemistry Paper: (Practical) Date: 20 October 2005 No.of pages: 3 Time: 09h00 – 11.00 am (2 Hours) Marks: 82 Venue: NSLT ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS In the interest of economy please write on both sides of the exam script Please answer each section in a different answer book. Graph paper will be provided Section 1: Assoc Prof G Lindsey 10 Marks 1. Adhesion of protein molecules onto nitrocellulose requires certain non-specific interaction. What forces are responsible for these interactions? (3) 2. Show the steps whereby you might probe a protein to determine whether it is a glycoprotein using Concanavalin A. Draw a diagram after each step (4) 3. What specific residues on a glycoprotein are probed using Concanavalin A?(1) 4. Glucose is not a sugar normally present in glycoproteins and yet the presence of even very low concentrations of glucose prevents Concanavalin A binding to glycoproteins. Why? (2) Section 2: Prof. H. Klump 20 Marks 1. Charged molecules with a fixed charge in a constant electrical field move with a constant speed. Write the equation that links the electrophoretic mobility with the physical properties of the molecule ( size, charge, viscosity of the medium, applied voltage) (3) 2. Give a list of at least three supporting media that form gels and discuss their different properties. (3) 3. A number of chemicals commonly used for electrophoresis are toxic. List three of these chemicals and explain their potential health hazards. (3) 4. Describe in your own words the steps to follow when you assemble the gel plates, seal the edges, prepare the gel mixture, and pour the gel. (6)
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2005mcb201spractest - University of Cape Town Department of...

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