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a b L 7 I -V- *"o.q sn'96 ; sMollfT su ,^'"n\21-t\ap'n +t Esol? N-+--'i-. .^^',^ady7- 'vr'rv i\ ni Yo-r',- , ,v r, l. t {.: *1 p FA. .ifi A .Vi S Jrl. } U (JV .:1,4-q-+--"np+\ ' p*t?"tu) 5 S s Jtr? :; rS{1 lr-# p*T s{ -|.0\'l tYv: s+nt}s aJ ll it w T @ L4 4 # -A Jl3 t'rll r -, i { t,o"^-o-"id p *US rP rv l.- P lnsf? Atrl sar ^ o0' tr'? -lrjt; $x"'t'"\'t* 7:\) : s"uJ0 l] r_,rlfSl p sr'*"7$P'0C q.*', +ts \4Y"t\ sYa)2 riA l\ t vV -l (l mtr -t.,+-4)" +u. .r vLot / | 4r'7 \ Vot/t 4t /t blt -- g'a,fitld prafvn{u , r.tr*i"b {,a,r,l ra M?vl rrvv\AA ^4/P U }|t*'-+- ?-'ooto"*1tqJ ,"Y-h J-sY\ -'q3J z1 p ws o-r? 5uo*& l"uotfn'4'J fircsosl S1-to*,*uJ 6-"''p'*,^q- r-n^+ ar'^+ *- ) - n-"1 L I'L v Srtr'"i)7--r" aAL."N1Ftre O' l' Z "i-' $ 1*)"r-3a; :t ()14''14'3 'ntno P*zt sd?lt-ted h : l*uZ Z Jt X-r Qo fr .. Ll rur6l ?O ': tJ ttf\M Yr-tr/+ un.yt-yq^*--Q
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tl ,1 raJ'ilsw qq VV 4. :\ { 1,., t- r,.1rri i | -_{ 4qvv x qqvv "+r''{rq f Pai'F"t-\r Eq-nv qqVV 'Ueld eilqr,,le pug lueld pal-untpeul Oupaelq -onil E uaeMleq ssols e u] suolleleueo z)pue Ll ew lo euoclno o$ 1c1pet4 (p) q a.sv {ft;J ur ,.,i , {q 3: ;,r s.rta \lk"?) dr- Petu qqCIv -{,a1ttt't)Y'i)vqCI'l qqYv '' I' "+tYr\^ = *l1ug lr",{?F : ru,avv 'xo v la lr\-1duw6,*i pp*pn'.'Er iryttu{'tfyt fr P-'''' V n'alM u/V 'sed&oueqd pet+q6tl eLll pue pel-utnlpeu eql ol asp e46 te$ sed&oue$ elqrssod lsll pup selellp 6eql ol sloqu{s ubtssv (c) Pil, F r,l '- +,jbtr * 4 F" Frou lr+ l,L 31t\4M 6rr;"a46',1 /{;'1 \? q'l WV ll ;+tvlnn, r . 6dald 1 \v -b v \e Fal " P?u"t I ? FI .*lz ft pp. .{ ' ,
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This note was uploaded on 01/05/2011 for the course BLY 302 taught by Professor Unknown during the Fall '10 term at S. Alabama.

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Quantitative_Problems_Key - .:1,4-q-+-"np+\ ' p*t?"tu)...

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