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LINKAGE PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEM SOLVING. Solve the following problem, answering all associated questions. Use the following blank space for your calculations (18 pts total; 3 pts per question). Consider a three-point testcross involving genes a , b , and c , where recessive phenotypes are indicated by a lower-case letter (e.g., a ) and dominant phenotypes are indicated by lower-case letter with a plus sign (e.g., a + ). Answer the questions below using the observed data. Observed phenotype Number observed Percentage of total Crossover
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Unformatted text preview: class? a + b + c + 669 11 a b c + 139 2.28 a b + c + 3 0.05 a + b + c 121 1.99 a + b c 2 0.03 a b + c 2280 37.49 a b c 653 10.74 a + b c + 2215 36.42 TOTAL 6082 100 What is the correct allelic confguration For the heterozygous parent? What is the correct gene order? What is the distance between genes c and a? What is the distance between genes b and c? Draw your linkage map. Be sure to include all three genes and their approximate spacing, as well as distances between genes. BLY302 FALL 2010...
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